Our Allstar Program


At Cheer Elite we are known for our competitive all star teams. We welcome athletes of all ages and skill levels to join in on this exciting sport. Athletes learn and combine the many aspects of cheerleading into an action packed routine. Our teams then compete on a regional, state and national level. We accept new team members all season long. Below is a list of classes extended to our all star team members!

Jump and Flex

Learn to jump like a pro! In this class, Instructors will focus on flexibility and exercise training that is specific to improving the overall appearance and height of the athletes jumps. The fundamentals of every jump will be broken down as each athlete gains a better knowledge and understanding of their skills. In addition, athletes will receive personal attention in small groups to help meet their individual needs!


Flyer Flex

The sky was the limit before Flyer Flex! This class is specifically designed for flyers and aspiring flyers to take flexibility to a whole new level! Flyers will improve and gain a greater knowledge of each body position. In addition, we will work a number of exercises that will help flyers with the overall execution of their skills. Flyers will also get the opportunity practically apply their skills in the air with the help of our specialty staff!



Core Elite

Determination, goal-setting, hard work, and perseverance are ideas engraved at the “core” of Cheer Elite. Fitness is extremely important to the success of an athlete. Train with our awesome coaches as we focus on muscular endurance, strength training and cardiovascular endurance. We will also discuss the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet and having a healthy self-image on a level that all ages can understand! Success starts with believing in oneself and self-confidence. In this class, learn important life lessons, condition, train like a cheerleader.

“Athletes lift weights…but cheerleaders lift athletes”

Elite Tumbling

CheerElite offers a variety of tumbling courses for athletes of all ages and skill levels. In each class, our tumbling instructors will break down the skills necessary for that specific level. These skills include, but are not limited to: front tumbling, backwards tumbling, combination passes, aerial and non-aerial skills.

Beginner *level 1- There is no prerequisite for this class. The following skills will be covered: Handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, standing back bends, back walkovers, front walkovers, cartwheels, round-offs, level one combinations, and body control


Intermediate *level 2&3- Must be able to execute proper form and technique of all level one skills prior to registering for this class. In Intermediate tumbling we will cover the following: front handsprings, standing back handsprings, round-off backhandsprings, round-off backhandspring series, level 2 combinations, punch fronts, dive rolls, back extension rolls, jumps to back handsprings, round-off handspring tucks, round-off tucks, and level 3 combinations

Advanced *level 4&5- Must be able to execute proper form and technique on all level beginner and intermediate skills. In Advanced tumbling we will cover: standing back tucks, layouts, standing handspring tucks, standing handspring layouts, standing and running full twisting layouts, double fulls, jumps to back tucks, whips, and other advanced tumbling skills.



Private Lessons

Receive one on one attention with an instructor in the area of choice(tumbling, jumps, routine work, stunting, etc.) Private lessons are based upon request and can be booked with a maximum of 4 athletes. Contact a coach to book your private lesson today!