The competition program at Cheer Elite Allstars is the most popular option for new and existing members.
Tryouts are held once a year in order to set teams for the competition season.
This year's tryout date is June 11th 2022.
In the event that your athlete is unable to attend the set tryout date, you can set up an individual tryout by emailing
Competition teams are open to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Cheer Elite's competition teams are broken up into three categories: Novice, Prep/Elite, and Advanced.
These categories vary widely in time and financial commitment in order to allow families to receive their desired competitive experience.
Coaches consider your preference when placing your child on a team for the season. 
Please be sure to read ALL of the information regarding tryouts prior to completing registration.

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The novice category at Cheer Elite is reserved for beginner athletes ages 5 and under. The novice category has one required practice a week. These teams perform an average of 4 times throughout the year. All performances are considered "local" as they in-state.


The prep/elite category at Cheer Elite is where the majority of our athletes fall. These teams range from beginner athletes to more seasoned athletes. Teams in this category Practice 1-2 days a week and compete anywhere from 4-7 times throughout the season. The majority of the competitions are local in state competitions with one or two travel competitions.


The advanced category at Cheer Elite requires full commitment. Practices can range from 2-4 times a week. Teams in this category compete anywhere from 8-12 times in a season. The majority of the competitions are local however an athlete on an advanced team can expect to travel frequently for out of state events.



Location and Crossover  Preferences

The Cheer Elite Allstars program has two locations in Greensboro, NC and Eden, NC. An athlete may crossover between gyms if they choose, however they must commit to their home gym first. This is the gym with which the athlete first registers. 

Athletes have the option to crossover. This means cheering for more than one team as the same location. 

This season Cheer Elite will have one advanced travel team that practices 2x monthly in Greensboro and 2x monthly in Eden. 


Cheer Elite Allstars Waiver & Release of Liability 

Emergency Contact Form

As outlined in the tryout packet, there is a $200 season deposit due at the time of registration. This fee will be credited to your season invoice beginning with June tuition. Any left over funds will be credited to your season invoice. Invoices for the 2022-2023 season will be generated following team placements.

Thanks for registering.
We will see you at tryouts on June 11th!