5,6,7,8! We hope you are ready for a productive, safe and action packed summer! Campers will learn and improve their skills in tumbling, jumping, choreography, flexibility, conditioning and so much more! Additionally campers will partake in a number of crafts, games and social activities all while reaming socially distant. We are so excited to offer an unforgettable summer experience!  

Summer sessions

Session One - "Flight School" June 15-19 SOLD OUT
Prepare for take off! Cheer Elite is taking flight during our advanced flyer camp. We will be "traveling the world" during this international themed camp. This elite camp is geared for flyers level 3 and up (unless otherwise approved by a coach). Flyers will learn advanced flexibility technique as well as master drills in spinning, balance training and flyer stability. All while experiencing a cultural immersion. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off! 


Session Two- "Things with Wings" June 22-26 SOLD OUT
Butterflys, Fairies , Ladybugs too...
They can fly. Now so can you!
Join us for our things with wings camp as we learn flying technique, flexibility and tricks to becoming graceful in the air. This camp is open to all levels an anyone wanting to improve their flexibility. Flexibility is key in all cheerleading skills such as: tumbling, jumping, stunting and overall athlete safety. Join us for "Things with Wings." 


Session Three - "Cirque du So-elite" July 6-10
Step right up! Step right up for our Circus themed summer camp. Campers will bring their tumbling and jumping skills to the next level all while having a blast in our 3 ring circus! This camp is open to all levels. 


Session Four - "TIME to Tumble" July 13-17

It is time to tumble right into our time machine. Join us as we tumble through the most fun decades! The 20s, 50's, 60's, 80s, 90s......gain skills in jumps, flexibility, acrobatics and tumble on with us to see which era was "happening." 

Session Five- "Disney World" July 20-24 

Who doesn't love Disney?! Join us for a week in "A whole new world" where we aren't "Frozen" by all of the crazy things going on. This week we will have some Disney themed fun all while learning/perfecting the many aspects of cheerleading. Come paint with the red black and white "Colors of the wind" and leave your worries at the door. "Hakuna Matata!"

Session Six- "Glamor Girls Get Dirty too July 27-31
Get ready for the tumble camp with a twist. Experience the best of both worlds as we spend half of our work being glamorous learning all kinds of beauty tips, tricks and secrets ...Then learning some essential but not-so-glam activities like how to do some construction, change a tire and more! And YES..... all on top of mastering those tumbling skills! 

PRICING AND DETAILS FOR ALL CAMPS- All camps will operate from 9am-4:00pm at our Greensboro location. 
Camps are $150 per session for both Greensboro and Eden members. Camps are $200 per session for non-members. 

Unlimited camping deal- Up to 5 camps for $650 for members or $800 for non members(Option to add 6th camp for $50)
Ask us about sibling discounts!

Registration is EXTREMELY limited and will operate on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of payment. Please submit the application below to register. This form will be removed once space is full. If your athlete cannot attend camp for any reason, the credit will be moved to another camping session or can be used as a cheer/tumbling credit throughout the season. 



Safety is our top priority at Cheer Elite. The entire facility has been deep cleaned and sanitized using anti-viral and anti bacterial cleaners as well as SportsSani (a top of the line proprietary disinfection for sports facilities). Disinfecting will be done throughout the camp day and a deep cleaning at the end of each day. We will will also be keeping the facility doors open during a large portion of camp to provide maximum air flow. The following are guidelines that we have put in place in the midst of Covid 19 to aid in keeping our campers as safe as possible. All campers are required to adhere to the policies we have set in oder to participate in summer camp.

1. Limited Spacing-
First and foremost, we are limiting our camp numbers this year. There will be VERY limited spacing so be sure to register as soon as possible. 

2. Social distancing-
Athletes and coaches will maintain the prospective 6ft social distance while at camp. campers will NOT be permitted to stunt or make physical contact of any kind. The majority of our tumbling teaching will be executed by use of drills, demonstration then execution. Spotting will be used only when absolutely necessary for the protection of the athlete. 

3. Sickness Screen-
Athletes showing any signs of sickness should NOT attend camp. If a camper has a family member that is showing symptoms of sickness, they should NOT attend camp. All campers will be required to fill our our "Sickness Screen" form that will be sent out in the days leading up to camp. 


4. Temperature Check-
Upon arrival at camp, each day campers will have their temperatures checked using a laser thermometer. Any camper with a temperature will be turned away from camp that day for the safety of all of our campers. 


5. Shoe policy-
Campers should have a pair of shoes that is exclusively for gym use only. Campers must carry their cheerleading shoes to the gym and leave their other shoes outside of our facility. We ask that you sanitize your cheer shoes prior to the start of camp.


6. Paper Bag policy-
To avoid the spread of germs, we are limiting the belongings campers bring into our facility. Campers are only permitted to bring a single paper bag(or similar sized bag) into the gym. This MUST include the following items: lunch, a personal hand sanitizer and a water bottle. We will not be using the studio water fountain during camp. Athletes are not permitted to change clothes inside of our facility. Lastly, due to their germ-carrying nature, cell phones will not be allowed into the facility. If a camper should need to call a parent, they will be allowed to do so using a coaches phone. Campers can make phone calls on speaker in private to maintain privacy while avoiding touching the phone. 

7. Campers only-
To limit the traffic in our facility, parents are required to drop off and pick up at the door. We ask that campers and parents respect social distance guidelines while in the parking lot. We will provide pictures and video updates daily. We will also offer opportunities for parents to sit in virtually. All payments and forms are to be submitted online. We will not take payment or paperwork at the door. 

8. Mask Option-
Campers will have the option to wear a mask. Please note that the wearing of a mask is not recommended while engaging in physical activity.

9. Consent form-

In addition to our regular waiver, a consent form specific to Covid-19 will be required for camper participation. 

Thank you in advance for respecting the guidelines we have set in place to allow for a safe camping experience with Cheer Elite Allstars. 


Camp Application

Please take the time to fill out the information below.


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